Probiotics seem to be the talk of the town. We’re all downing bottles of kombucha and jars of sauerkraut like they’re going out of fashion. At Vida we always have people asking what probiotics are and if they should be taking them… So let’s take a look at what they are, what they do and when you should take them.
Our bodies carry around trillions of little bugs that keep us healthy and functioning well. We refer to this coating as our micro-biome. In fact, there are more bugs in our gastrointestinal system alone than cells in the entire human body. These bacteria are super important for many processes in our body including, and definitely not limited to:
  • 80% of immune system is formed by the friendly bugs in our gut
  • A healthy gut flora may reduce allergies and/or intolerances – including asthma, hay fever, food intolerances and many more
  • Digestive discomfort (gas, bloating) can be a result for a poor ecosystem in our gut
  • The gut is very closely connected with our brain, so much so, they now refer to our gut as our second brain. For this reason, poor gut health can be linked to mental health conditions such as anxiety and depression.
  • Certain friendly bugs may have a beneficial impact on skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis
  • Some probiotics may help you lose weight
  • A healthy micro-biome maximises your bodies ability to absorb essential vitamins and minerals
I bet you’re now thinking, ‘WOW! I need to get some of this probiotic stuff’.
Where did we go wrong? Over the last few decades we’ve been dosing up on and exposed to countless antibiotics and other toxins in our life. Coming from things including poor diet, lack of exercise and chemical exposure and sadly we are now left to clean up the mess and redevelop our gut microbiome.
It is incredibly important to have a healthy gastrointesinal tract, however we wouldn’t recommended you go out and buy any old probiotics off the shelf. There are millions of different probiotics out there and each strain will be specific for certain conditions, so it is always best to first consult with your health care practitioner. At Vida we use high strength practitioner only supplements and we can pick a specific strain according to what your body needs.
Here is a video that Damian did on helping to manage Asthma and hay fever – click on the link and scroll down (don’t forget to sign up to his page :))
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