Chiropractic for kids


Naturally when people realise the benefits of chiropractic care for themselves and appreciate how much better their body functions and feels, they want the ones they love to have the same experience. Having a healthy start to life is integral to having optimal health, which is why at Vida we love to check and if required, adjust children. Significant trauma can occur at birth and many parents choose to have their newborns checked for any spinal problems that may have occurred at birth, early in their life.

Chiropractic works with the principle that children are not simply just little adults, their neurology, bodies and development are completely different to that of an adult and at Vida we make sure that children get the best and most effective care. At Vida we adjust whole families and our Chiropractors have had extra training to be able to check, adjust, manage and care for children of all ages. Our chiropractors only use techniques that are gentle, modern and effective.

Children need many things to be able to develop into healthy happy grown ups, proper nutrition, emotional support and an active and physical lifestyle. Children’s daily lives involve many activities that can sometimes veer them away from perfect growth such as unhealthy food, falling over and stress.

Whilst most physical falls can be comforted by a hug and a band-aid, the unique domain of Chiropractors is the underlying structural changes to the child’s spine, pelvis, skull and nervous system. A less than ideal diet and emotional stress affects children’s bodies just as greatly as a physical fall.

Healthy kids make for healthy adults and it is our desire to help you make great decisions for your children’s health.

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