Chiropractic for acute pain


Although most of us intend to be in great shape at all times of our lives, occasionally life gets in the way and all the best intentions of maintaining health can slip. Pain is often a good indicator that you need to listen to the messages your body is sending you.

When pain signals are fired through your system it is normally because you are in a state of inflammation and the body has done and is doing all it can to try to heal itself. Once your body is in a state of pain it can take a while for inflammation to settle. Chiropractic is wonderful at getting bodies out of pain but more importantly understanding why it was there in the first place and what to do to make sure your body has the best abilities to stop it coming back.

Since chiropractic was created it has proven results in reducing low back, and neck pain and headaches.

It is no wonder that after people have realised the benefits of adjustments they continue with care to see how improving your health impacts the many functions of your body.

At Vida Lifestyles, our first aim is always to get your body out of pain. Pain can be uncomfortable and we aim to get you back to perfect as quickly as possible. As your body gets out of pain, through chiropractic adjustments, you may notice improved function, strengthening and a sense of your whole body improving. These changes are often far more profound than the initial pain and most people choose to continue their adjustments to continue to heal and optimise their nervous system and body.

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